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Photography is as much about what you feel as what you see, and your unique point of view always comes through in your pictures. When you take pictures of what you love, it shines through, and your audience can feel what you feel when you look through that viewfinder, even if subconsciously.

Taking pictures of what you love is the best way to evoke emotion in your photography. While you need an eye for detail and lighting, you subconsciously choose the best, most flattering ways to depict your subject when Read More »

When first getting started with photography, it is important that you feel inspired. Some of the best and most accomplished photographers use items from their everyday lives as inspiration for their photographs. For example, some photographers rely on nature while others prefer to look at other photographs to get an idea of what they want to do. You can visit your local art museum to view the photos and beautiful art work displayed on the walls. Read More »

Many people like to take pictures of all their life events and share them on social media sites. While it is certainly possible to take pictures without professional instruction, you also want to consider how organized classes and courses can really help you to learn better techniques and to become a more proficient photographer.

The benefit of taking classes is that you will learn the technological and professional skills that are associated with working in Read More »

If you are new to taking pictures, you may be overwhelmed by the options that digital cameras can provide. While most cameras have an auto setting that allows you to just point and shoot, this usually doesn’t give you the best photo possible. To understand your camera and be able to take excellent photos, photography classes are a great source of tips and tricks.

Digital cameras also now come with built in filter settings that can change colors, sharpness and contrast, right Read More »

Photography is part skill, part equipment and part experimentation. Professional photographers did not simply pick up a camera and start producing amazing shots; they honed their skills and talents through plenty of practice with different subjects, equipment and lighting. Practicing is the key to learning how to take great shots, and the following tips can help you find subjects on which you can develop your photography skills.

Portrait photographers need to look no further than their friends and family for practice. Unless your loved ones are very camera-shy, they will not mind posing so you Read More »

There are many ways to learn about lighting to enhance your skills as a photographer. Since photography is the art of capturing light and shadow, an understanding and the mastery of light is essential to eye popping photographs.

Formal Learning

The study of light and shadow can be a formal process. Instruction can begin with a course at your local community college or camera club. Courses typically include sessions on the use of studio lighting, flashes and field trips to explore the use of natural lighting. There Read More »

When you are looking for a new camera, you will want to buy one that is able to not only shoot high quality pictures but one that is also able to do so in a wide variety of settings.

While getting a camera with a large number of megapixels is important so that you can take high resolution photos, it is not the only thing to consider when looking for a new camera. One of the Read More »

The joy that comes with taking great pictures is something that you can be proud of as the skill and talent involved in always being able to capture great shots is a combination of talent, technique and love of the art. If you have found that you completely enjoy taking pictures and have decided that you want to pursue amateur photography as more than just a hobby, you can take some small steps to get started in becoming more of a photographer by trade or even profession.I was looking for more information and Read More »